Lulo Reinhardt's third UK tour

Lulo Reinhardt, grand-nephew of Django, does an extensive tour of the UK this autumn, showcasing his gypsy/flamenco-based style

The Lulo Reinhardt Project will tour the UK this autumn with over 30 dates confirmed covering the breadth of the country from Brighton to Stornaway.

The grand-nephew of gypsy-jazz genius Django Reinhardt, nephew of gypsy violinist Schnuckenack Reinhardt, and with a recent performance described as "the finest concert of acoustic guitar I have ever seen" by the Sydney Morning Herald, Lulo Reinhardt will be touring with his Latin-swing band comprising Daniel Weltlinger (violin), Harald Becher (bass), Uli Kramer (drums) and Winfried Schuld (piano).

Picking up guitar at the age of five, Lulo began playing with the Mike Reinhardt Sextet when he was 12 and formed "I Gitanos" with his father and cousin in 1991, who toured Europe and released two albums, I Suni and AB I Reisa. With his current band, the Lulo Reinhardt Project, he has released two albums, Project No. 1 (2002) and Project No. 2 (2005). Reinhardt's sound is a combination of traditional gypsy-swing with flamenco, tango and bossa nova.

"The audience sometimes expects me to play exclusively in the style of Django Reinhardt," Lulo says, "but I have found a style of my own, and I am happy and grateful that the people love it."

The Lulo Reinhardt Project's tour dates are as follows: 17 September, Brighton; 18 September, Newbury; 19 September, Salisbury; 20 September, Birmingham; 21 September, Oxford; 22 September, Norwich; 23 September, Bristol; 25 September, Milton Keynes; 26 September, Selby; 27 September, Nottingham; 28 September, London; 30 September, Gateshead; 2 October, Stornaway; 3 October, Ullapool; 4 October, Inverness; 5 October, Paisley; 8 October, Dundee; 9 October, Dunkeld; 10 October, Edinburgh; 11 October, Stirling; 12 October, Greenock; 14 October, Aberdeen; 15 October, Findhorn; 16 October, Glasgow; 17 October, Crawfordjohn; 18 October, Wem; 19 October, Morecambe; 21 October, Canterbury; 22 October, Stranraer; 23 October, Belfast; 24 to 28 October, Ireland venues to be confirmed; 29 October, Mold.

Visit Lulo Reinhardt's website for venue information and more info.

Sally Evans-Darby

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