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Renowned Belgian harmonica player and guitarist Toots Thielemans decided to retire last year at the age of 91. His press officer, Inge Geerdens, writes with news of a new e-book biography documenting his life and work

Toots Thielemans, one of the finest jazz musicians of this century and the century before, decided to retire at 91. Is he entitled to a well-deserved period of rest? Yes, he is. Will we all miss him and his enchanted harmonica? Yes, we will. Do we have to miss him now? No, we don't, at least not entirely…

Some of Toots's friends just happened to finalise an e-book, The Sound Of Toots Thielemans. It is now available online, including more than 70 YouTube video clips illustrating 90 years of his life and the historical  background of the world he lived in.
The text is accompanied by YouTube videos so that readers can appreciate the music while reading the book. This idea was conceived and the text written by a remarkable woman in her 80s, Paula Marckx. To watch a movie, readers you just click its link in the text or scan its QR code with a smartphone.

Howard W. Gutman, US Ambassador (Rtd.), said: "If music is a universal language, Toots has long spoken to everyone; he speaks from the heart and to the heart. And Paula Marckx has been bringing people's thoughts to life for almost as long. Two icons now joined together."

The eBook is available on

Don't forget to celebrate Toots's 92nd birthday Tuesday April 29th!

Inge Geerdens

Photo by Brian O'Connor

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