George Shearing: new music discovered

A set of forgotten recordings by George Shearing with bassist Don Thompson will be released for the first time in April 2013

A set of recordings by the late George Shearing, never previously released and hidden in a drawer for 28 years, will go out as the album At Home next month.

The recordings were put down by Shearing and long-time bassist friend Don Thompson in Shearing's living room in 1983. They feature the pianist in what Thompson calls "the most relaxed recording situation imaginable… playing his own piano in his own apartment" and taking advantage of the freedom of the piano-bass duo format to cover a range of standards including I Cover The Waterfront and That Old Devil Called Love.

Though recorded in 1983, the tracks were largely forgotten about until Thompson listened to them again after Shearing's death in 2011. Recorded in Shearing's New York apartment living room over a few days "just for fun", they feature Shearing on his grand piano and Thompson on a French bass he had brought along.  The album also features solo Shearing, with Thompson calling his rendition of Beautiful Love "one of the most amazingly beautiful things I have ever heard".

At Home will be released in the UK by JazzKnight records through Proper Note on 15 April.

Sally Evans-Darby

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