Jazz Journal subscriptions

Jazz Journal is no longer accepting subscriptions for the print edition. The December 2018 edition will be the last print edition of Jazz Journal.

A new website will be launched in late December/early January (at the same address - jazzjournal.co.uk) that will aim to continue the tradition of the print edition and as far as possible develop over time a searchable archive section holding material from the last seven decades of publication.

The online format will allow for faster publication of news and reviews, links to relevant sources, social media interaction and a newsletter summarising new content, as well as enabling JJ to communicate to a wider readership.

JJ will be in touch with all subscribers to arrange refund on remaining months of subscription. In the meantime, please write editor@jazzjournal.co.uk with any queries, or to:

Jazz Journal

Caxton House

Wellesley Road


TN24 8ET

United Kingdom