The exotic roots of Nordic jazz?

A talk in London on 7 December may disappoint those who hold that Nordic jazz is intrinsically frigid, remote from the southern roots of the music

The preview of the event at Pushkin House, 5a Bloomsbury Square, London says:

David Parry"During this provocative TEAS-sponsored evening, David Parry, author, dramaturge and Chair, Gruntler's Theatre (pictured), will examine the mysterious Nordic figure of Odin as a cultural, mythic and historical phenomenon. Inspired by a visit to the famed Gobustan petroglyphs in Azerbaijan, together with the work of the Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl, David will outline his belief is that there is a link between these disparate parts of the globe. He will argue that Odin was actually a tribal shaman, leading his people through Azerbaijan into Sweden, and that Azerbaijan has a considerably more intimate historical relationship with Northern Europe, particularly the UK, than previously thought."

More information on the website of The European Azerbaijan Society

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