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Brubeck: out-distancing Mozart

Pianist Jack Reilly pays tribute to Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck, I believe was a genius, genius being defined as one who changes the course of history. In Dave's case, musical history. He was a prolific composer in all genres out distancing Mozart, a pianist of originality and power, who influenced all of us and he has left an enormous legacy in recorded works. He was a giant among giants. And may I add, a humble, kind and generous human being. In writing my book on his music, I got to know him more intimately. He was never too busy to come to the phone when I called. Iola, Dave and his children have given the world some amazing and exciting music that will be around a long, long time. An inspiration to all.

5 December 2012

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Posted by Lawrence Brazier, 20 December 2015, 10:17 (1 of 1)

Dear Jack - I also dig Brubeck, but come on - outdistancing Mozart? Richard Strauss once lamented that he spends three months sweating to find a simple theme (melody) and Mozart simply shook melodies out of his sleeve. Forgive me Jack, I know you mean well. It was Brubeck and especially Desmond who brought me to jazz. I will never forget it - just one number did it. I'm In A Dancing Mood - and I was lost for life. Best - Lawrence orget hearin an EP

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