trioVD: X

trioVDA response to the X-Factor TV talent show, trioVD's X EP (naimcd159) has good Coltraneish saxophone from Christophe de Bezenac on Walsh and a certain endearing pathos amidst the clamour. Tulisa, the first track of this four-track EP, is a sort of thrash-rock, not with much jazz interest, all directionless, apoplectic energy. The same applies to track 3, Barlow. There's not much lyricism or melodic form or development anywhere on the album, rather either chains of dissonant, staccato riffing with possibly comic intent or moody soundwashes. One is reminded at times of old British bands such as Back Door and Rip Rig + Panic. These have been retro times in British culture these past two decades or more and as with a good deal of so-called new British jazz, this all seems rather passé, turning over old, and in their prime, not particularly substantial ideas. May we have some sense of musical progression from British jazz, incorporating all that was good from the past, rather than tired, faux radical posturing? It's no doubt conceptually hugely interesting to those who view jazz through the prism of art but in purely practical terms, it's pretty banal.

Mark Gilbert

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