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Overdue reissues

In his article in JJ October 2011 Simons Adams lamented the absence in CD format of important LPs issued since the 1960s. Several readers responded with their own ideas for the modern LP most deserving of CD reissue

From Duncan Ashlin:
I really enjoyed Simon Adams's article in the October issue and can concur with his comments. I have the Wayne Shorter Moto Grosso Feio on CD but it deserves a proper re-release, as do the James Blood Ulmer & Shannon Jackson LPs mentioned.

There has been a lot of good stuff re-released in the last few years on Wounded Bird and Universal have reissued a lot of MPS albums, albeit in Germany but easily available here. In the last few months Impulse have been issuing two-for-one CDs with material previously unavailable on CD and featuring Albert Ayler, Howard Roberts, Michael White, Chico Hamilton etc. But there is still a lot still missing, particularly on the major labels. Here is my list of candidates for the LP most deserving of CD reissue. I could easily have made it 50!

Arthur Blythe: (1) In The Tradition, (2) Put Sunshine In It, (3) Da-Da (all Columbia). Lennox Avenue Breakdown was available for a while on Koch but this is now quite rare. These three have never been on CD.

Miroslav Vitous: (1) Purple (Columbia). Pre Weather Report with John McLaughlin and Joe Zawinul. (2) Miroslav Vitous Group (ECM). One of his best on ECM strangely missing from the catalogue

Bobby Hutcherson: (1) Highway One, (2) Conception: The Gift Of Love (both Columbia), (3) Linger Lane
(Blue Note). Linger Lane didn't get a good review in Jazz Journal at the time but this is still a great Hutcherson record. Other Blue Notes of this period are only available on a Mosaic release and on iTunes.

Julian Priester: Polarization (ECM). His Love, Love on ECM got a release on CD a few years back, but Polarization still remains unavailable.

Sonny Fortune: (1) Waves Of Dreams, (2) Awakening (both Horizon). Sonny's Atlantic LPs recently got a release on Wounded Bird but these fine records remain unavailable.

Ornette Coleman: Crisis (Impulse). Impulse are re-releasing a lot on their  two LPs on one CD series but these two remain unavailable.

Sam Rivers: Sizzle (Impulse).

Cal Tjader: (1) Along Comes Cal, (2) Hip Vibration, (3) Warm Wave (all on Verve). The Prophet, also on Verve, was released in Japan on CD, but is now very rare. These three never have been issued on CD.

Gerry Mulligan: Age Of Steam (A&M). I did pick up a CD copy of this from the States, but this deserves a wider release.

Paul Bley: Mr Joy (Limelight) I had this on LP once but sold it off in the 80s - damn!

Luis Gasca: (1) Collage (Fantasy). Excellent LP with Bobby Hutcherson etc. (2) Born To Love You (Fantasy). Excellent LP with Joe Henderson and Hadley Caliman.
Duncan Ashlin, Watford, Herts

From Dave Taylor:
I enjoyed reading Simon Adams's fascinating article (Jazz Journal, October 2011) and approved of much of his reissues wish list.

I would nominate the following 10 great jazz albums that are currently very hard to find and deserve to be made available on CD:

Bud Shank New Groove (Pacific Jazz 1961)
New York Art Quartet Mohawk (Fontana 1965)
Ornette Coleman Who's Crazy (Affinity 1966)
Archie Shepp Live At Donaueschingen (MPS 1967)
Amalgam Prayer For Peace (Transatlantic 1969)
Elvin Jones The Ultimate (Blue Note 1968)
Spontaneous Music Ensemble Karyobin (Island 1968)
Charles Mingus Reincarnation Of A Lovebird (Prestige 1970)
Tony Coe Nutty (HAT Hut 1983)
Jackie McLean Hat Trick (Blue Note 1996)

From Shaun Hurley:
Here’s some further info on some items Simon Adams mentioned in his interesting article.

Art Pepper: A 4CD set of the 1980 Ronnie Scott's recordings is now available on Laurie Pepper's Widow's Taste label. See for example, the label listing at crazyjazz.co.uk – which also gives details of Unreleased Art Vols 1-5 on the same label. [Mark at Crazy Jazz adds: "I have copies @ £39. It’s our best seller so far this year."]

See also: http://www.jazzwax.com/2011/06/art-pepper-blues-for-the-fisherman.html and http://straightlife.info

As for that superb Galaxy box set from some years ago, the Widow's Taste issues represent a fairly substantial investment in total but, for me, really great Art Pepper. In my opinion, he should always be included with Benny Carter, Bird & Johnny Hodges!

A footnote to The Croydon Concert (May 1981; WT Vol III): four numbers were broadcast by the BBC shortly after AP's death – a tribute touchingly introduced by the inimitable Peter Clayton. This broadcast included an AP clarinet version of Good Bait that (surprisingly) does not appear on the CD set.

Mole Jazz Releases: The following link leads to an almost complete listing (the prices are interesting!): vinylsearcher.com/labels/mole-jazz.aspx?sw=

True Blues was Mole 5, but I haven't identified Mole 3. I think the Stan Tracey albums were also issued by Mole as a double CD set (I have them on an LP and a Mole-issued cassette, respectively).

Thelonious Monk / Black Lion: The three CDs were also produced as a box set – The Complete London Collection (BLCD 7601-2). See, for example: amazon.com/Complete-London-Collection-Thelonious-Monk/dp/B0000015OA and cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/1457660/a/Complete+London+Collection.htm

PS: Reissues & Mole Jazz: I was in 374 one Friday evening when a guy rushed in at about 7.50 & frantically started flipping through the racks, apparently searching for some especially desired Benny Goodman album. "Where is it? It was here only yesterday!" He then looked around with a resigned expression. "I don’t know why I bother. I already have the stuff on 78s, EPs, LPs, compilations & the box set . . . and all I listen to is a cassette in the car!"

Your Comments:

Posted by Frank Cracknell, 23 November 2011, 21:35 (1 of 6)

I have never found a reissue of the Colin Bates Trio album Brew. One of the most enjoyable trio recordings ever. Probably 40 years ago but still sounds fresh. JR Request on BBC R3 played a track for me some time ago and reminded me why I bought the LP. Happy days of vinyl!

Posted by Helmut Mueller, 1 December 2011, 10:05 (2 of 6)

Some missing LPs never issued on CD:

Arne Domnerus: Hypertoni (RCA)
Horace Silver: Live 1964 (Emerald)
Omer Simeon: Omer Simeon Trio (Jazztone)
Michal Urbaniak: We'll Remember Komeda (MPS)

Posted by Paul Dinnage, 1 December 2011, 22:21 (3 of 6)

Apart from the Mosaic set issued some years ago, which was not quite complete, J.J. Johnson's superb studio output for Columbia has been virtually ignored by its owners. I recall "JJ Inc" being reissued with extra tracks, and a compilation in the early CD era, but that seems to be all. Recently some of the albums have appeared on other labels, sometimes with inappropriate material as extra tracks, and others have appeared as downloads in their original form on iTunes under the Hallmark banner. This seems a totally inappropriate memorial to one of the greats of post-war jazz.

Posted by Paul Dinnage, 3 December 2011, 21:18 (4 of 6)

Some further thoughts on recordings which deserve reissue:

David Murray: Peace Church Concert (Danola)
David Murray: The People's Choice (Cecma)
James Newton: James Newton (Gramavision)
Gil Evans/Masabumi Kikuchi (Japanese Phillips)
Sam Rivers: A New Conception (Blue Note)
Air: 80 below 82 (Antilles)
Air: Open Air Suit (Novus)

Posted by Peter, 25 June 2012, 19:59 (5 of 6)

I agree wholeheartedly with Frank Cracknell. Incidentally, Frank, did you ever work at the E.I.O. back in 1973?

Posted by Jeff Thompson, 7 August 2012, 18:34 (6 of 6)

I would like to see a boxed set of CD versions of all the recordings Bill Watrous and Danny Stiles did for Harry Lim's Famous Door label. One or two have been released in CD format by Jazzology, but I would like to have them all.

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