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BBC's jazz graveyard

I was dismayed that Radio 3's excellent Jazz Library - one of the best jazz programmes since Charles Fox's Jazz Today - has been shunted to the graveyard slot and its output cut by a half. This means that apart from JRR (often cancelled or truncated to accommodate live opera), all of Radio 3's jazz broadcasting is now around midnight when few people will be listening. The powers-that-be at Radio 3 must have an utter contempt for jazz to treat it in this manner.

7 October 2011

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Posted by Mark Gilbert, Editor, 7 October 2011, 12:57 (1 of 3)

Thanks, Dave. You're not alone, though my fave is JRR - such variety, an education. Is JL cut by half? I was wrong in my story in September news then. You mean fewer or no repeat slot(s)?

Posted by Dave Taylor, 7 October 2011, 13:02 (2 of 3)

According to Jazz Library presenter, Alyn Shipton, "we are now down to two new programmes a month in the midnight slot (the other two will be repeats from October onwards) so the chances to cover as many subjects as before are halved. If anyone wishes to make any observations about this to Radio 3, they can do so to the programme's email address." This is jazz.library@bbc.co.uk.

Posted by Sean Wilkie, 22 December 2011, 15:04 (3 of 3)

I'd mistakenly assumed the programme was on holiday and that the midnight shows were repeats. Fortunately I tuned into Trevor Watts, thinking I'd missed it first time round. I'm sure you're right about this channel's attitude to jazz: when they had a week or ten days devoted wholly to the music of Bach, they cancelled all the jazz because quite obviously there's just no possible connection between jazz and Bach. The finest jazz programmes on Radio 3 are usually broadcast on Composer of the Week, where the sheer length - five programmes of fifty eight or nine minutes on one artist - allows them to play exteneded pieces in full.

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