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Jazz Library, Radio 3

Dear Lord Patten,

You may be interested to see below a letter I have e-mailed to Roger Wright, Controller of BBC Radio 3. As only 350 characters are allowed per e-mail on the BBC site I have had to send this in 3 instalments! Not conducive to good customer relations.

"We were saddened and very upset to read that Alyn Shipton's radio programme, Jazz Library, is being removed from its usual Saturday afternoon slot and moved to midnight. We always look forward to Jazz Library and will miss it. Do you believe that all jazz lovers are insomniacs? We are in bed by midnight. Surely there is enough classical music on Radio 3. 

The BBC of late has ignored the fact that there are thousands and thousands of listeners who would tune into jazz radio programmes. Statistics tell us that there are as many jazz lovers as there are opera buffs.

Should you be better informed you would know that there are more and more jazz festivals around the country every year. Surely this tells you that jazz is very popular and jazz radio programmes have a very good audience.

Presumably you have no ear for jazz music and therefore have no conscience in moving Jazz Library to a ridiculously late time, and we implore you to return it to its usual Saturday afternoon slot."

Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Alan and Jackie Greenglass

Roger Bolton
Kenneth Clarke, MP
Editor, Jazz Journal
Controller, all BBC Radio
Alyn Shipton

Posted to JJ, 7 October 2011

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