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Jazz DVD region codes

Your correspondent Barry Hatcher expresses concern because Brian Morton failed to mention, in his Bud Shank Against The Tide DVD review, that the DVD is only available with Region 1 encoding and that the DVD manufacturers have no plans to make a PAL version.

There is, I think, slight confusion here, because the PAL/NTSC difference is not the basic problem. PAL and NTSC are alternative broadcast formats, and even back in the days of video tape, PAL and NTSC existed - although players in UK could often happily play the NTSC tapes, albeit sometimes with some quality loss.

DVD region encoding however is another issue and prevents DVDs from one region being played on players sold in another region. Owners of DVD players purchased in the UK cannot ordinarily play Region 1 (US) DVDs without having their machines modified.

However, almost all DVD players sold in the UK can be converted easily and cheaply to play other regions. In some cases your DVD player supplier may help you, although Tesco were threatened with prosecution for sharing that information. Sharing the information infringes trade agreements.

If you have access to the Internet there are an abundance of websites that will advise how to do it for your particular player - in many cases simply by keying in a code number through the remote control.

7 October 2011

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