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Let's have a Rod Levitt reappraisal

Many years ago in Jazz Journal, Steve Voce wrote about the Rod Levitt Octet recordings released about 1964 - Dynamic Sound Patterns, Insight, Solid Ground and 42nd Street. If I remember correctly, he was very enthusiastic about these records, as also was Alun Morgan in the book Jazz On Record published in 1968.

May I suggest Steve writes a reappraisal of these records in his Scratching the Surface column, and include a review of the Insight / Solid Ground CD on the Jazz Collectors label, which has yet to be reviewed in Jazz Journal?

7 October 2011

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Posted by Steve Voce, 7 October 2011, 12:03 (1 of 2)

SV replies: Rod Levitt was a lovely guy (he's in Gil's band in the Miles/Gil film, and when I wrote about him sent me the rest of his records - there were only three or four). His band was outstanding, but I said all I wanted to say about it at the time, and Alun probably did too. Nice of Rodney Millard to remember - must show his letter to the servants.

Posted by Des Francis, 21 December 2011, 12:25 (2 of 2)

Writing from Edmonton, Canada -- for what it's worth, I took the trouble to review Insight/Solid Ground on Amazon.com. Sure would be nice to see 42nd Street reissued. So much wit and flat-out good fun in Levitt's work.

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