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DVD poll?

Now there are frequent reviews of DVDs in JJ, is there scope next year to include DVD/Blu-ray discs in the Critics' Poll? I tend to only buy jazz DVD/Blu-ray discs (music and documentaries). I find them more re-watchable than films!

Examples of discs that I have bought are documentaries on Gerry Mulligan, Bud Shank and Stan Levey, The Story Of The Lighthouse, The Stan Kenton Story, Dado Moroni Live In Beverley Hills and many of the Jazz Icons series. Graham Carter at Jazzed Media (USA) is one of the producers doing a great job in keeping our music in the public arena both on DVD and CD.

Thanks for all your hard work in continuing the production of JJ. It is always a very good, informative read and the record reviews are invaluable in helping to decide what is a must get or one to avoid. There is too much jazz out there that is technically superb but musically and rhythmically vacant. (Sorry, Grumpy Old Man syndrome just crept in!)

7 October 2011

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