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Jazz on Sky Arts 2

I am writing to let readers know that Sky Arts 2 seem to be showing a good deal of jazz at reasonable viewing time. Last Saturday (1 October) we had Peggy Lee at 6pm, New Sounds, New Faces from Blue Note at 7, Till Brönner at 8.45, a Miles Davis profile at 10 and the same live in Germany at 11.30.

On Sunday afternoon some of the same material was repeated, plus the film Jazz On A Summer's Day. On Monday from 6.20 to 8.00pm we got a history of jazz under the heading of Masters Of American music and on Tuesday at 7 we got an hour about Charlie Parker. Later we will get an hour and a half of Louis Armstrong, an hour each at 7 of Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Blue Note, Thelonious Monk, Sarah Vaughan, Ray Charles and Count Basie in the following week. This will be followed by a 1 hour 25 minute documentary on the blues.

This seems to put the limited rations of jazz from the BBC TV in context. It would be nice to have advanced warning of this from Jazz Journal but this is probably difficult or impossible for a monthly magazine. Still I hope some readers get the chance to see some of the above.

7 October 2011

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Posted by Mark Gilbert, Editor, 7 October 2011, 10:43 (1 of 1)

Thanks for your comments, Alan. That's an impressive programme and we'd be happy to feature from time to time if Sky press office will keep us informed.

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