Three's a charm for saxophonist Paul Booth

Paul Booth

Saxophonist Paul Booth steps into a different dimension on his new album Trilateral, which is launched at the 606 Club, Chelsea on 27 July. Paul came to fame through a TV talent show in 1993 and has played in such mainstream environments as Riverdance, Ray McVay's Glenn Miller band, the Stevie Winwood band and jazz-flavoured pop band Matt Bianco.

However, on his new album his focus is entirely on the saxophone within the jazz tradition, the settings all trios and often with a spareness that elicits the poetic elements of the instrument.

As Jazz Journal's January 2010 interview with Paul showed, he's the classic all-rounder pro, his wide tastes - Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and Chris Potter among them - matching his range of musical assignments.

The new album is named Trilateral because the number 3 figures everywhere. It's the third release on his label Pathway and, Paul says, is "a themed recording, all based around the number 3. I wanted to record 3 separate trios, playing 3 tunes each, also with 3 somehow in the titles of the tracks and in my 33rd year."

On the album Paul - who, coming from East Kent reverses the trend among many London-based jazzers lately to head coastwards - plays in three trios, the NYC Trio with Clarence Penn (d) and Matt Brewer (b), the Organ Trio with Ross Stanley (Hammond B3) and Andrew Bain (d) and the Guitar Trio with Phil Robson (unusually on Latin or folk-oriented acoustic guitars) and Adriano Adewale (pc).

At the 606 on 27 July, listeners will hear Paul's paean to his instrument in various formats that place the saxophone upfront and in space. He'll be using a quintet to work through all the music from the album, featuring Michael Janisch, Phil Robson, Ross Stanley and Andrew Bain. More at

Text: Mark Gilbert
Photo: Mike Porter

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