Ron Brown?

Gwynedd Duncan-Jones asks if anyone knows the whereabouts of Ron Brown, assistant editor of JJ around 1970:

I wonder if anyone could help. I used to know Ron Brown, who was the assistant editor of Jazz Journal from about 1970 onwards. I moved to Sydney and totally lost touch with him in 1973. For various reasons, I'm keen to find out where he is, but it's proving difficult as there's another jazz writer of the same name.

Apart from the fact that I'd like to be in touch with him myself, his first wife, who's turning 65 this year and now lives in Melbourne, has been trying to locate him for a while. I think it would be a great birthday present for her if I I could give her some news of him.

I'd be grateful for any information, which can be sent to me direct at

[On a point of information, we recently published letters from two other former JJ assistants, Muriel Hampson (1950s), and Tony Standish 1960s) - MG.]

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