Tony Levin's favourite drum solo

Tony LevinWriting on Tony Levin in April Jazz Journal, Mark Gardner encapsulates the eclectic voice of the late British drummer, revealing his earliest and most abiding influences and the later appeal for Levin of free improvisation:

Attracted to drums at an early age, he built up a kit by working a paper round, and landed his first gig at the age of 13, subsequently playing with various dance bands around the Midlands ballroom circuit. An early influence was Louie Bellson, especially that incredible solo on Skin Deep with Duke Ellington. "I don't think I ever heard a more phenomenal drum solo before or since," he told me in 2007.

Levin found in free jazz what interested him most - "the feeling and spiritual depth of the music". However, he still relished straightahead playing, especially his gigs with Simon Spillett, who rekindled memories of those stirring times with Tubby. More

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