Jazzizit still is it

Jazzizit Records celebrates 15 years and 50 releases of British jazz in the Jazzizit 15/50 Festival at The Pizza Express, Dean St, London, 3-6 February. Jazzizit Records was set up in 1995 by jazz aficionado Brian Nott and one of the artists Brian signed in 2000 was jazz singer Trudy Kerr. When Brian decided in 2006 to move on to new ventures, Trudy and Derek Nash took over the label and have since produced 12 more albums of the best homegrown jazz. Jazzizit's back catalogue can now be browsed and downloaded at www.jazzizit.co.uk and www.smashdigital.co.uk. The festival lineup is: Derek Nash Acoustic Quartet with Derek Nash, Dave Newton, Geoff Gascoyne and Seb de Krom (3), Nigel Price Organ Trio (4), Trudy Kerr and Dave O'Higgins Quintet with Trudy Kerr, Dave O'Higgins, Tom Cawley, Geoff Gascoyne and Seb de Krom (5) and Geoff Gascoyne's Pop Bop with Geoff Gascoyne, Jim Mullen, Graeme Blevins and Seb de Krom (6). Booking: 08456 027017.


Derek Nash